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We are here to help you through coaching and communication training...

CBCmediation is a team of executive coaches, specialising in communication skills, assertiveness, healthy conflict management, public speaking, media training and workplace stress reduction.

We help you to fine tune and reinforce your leadership and teamwork efficiency, whilst developing your communication skills and emotional quotient.

Corinne Touze, CBCmediation founder


Executive coach and communication trainer

Corinne has more than 20 years of professional and international experience in communication.

As a coach and trainer she helps her clients dealing with public and interpersonal communications issues and offers bespoke training workshops, designed for top business management. 

As a media trainer, her clients benefit from her 10 year experience as an audio-visual journalist, who worked in New York, London and Casablanca.

Corinne is accredited by the British Association for Coaching, the London School of Mediation and the founder of the coaching and communication firm, CBCmediation.

Lindsey Brown


Executive coach and counsellor, business psychologist

Lindsey is a business psychologist, executive coach, facilitator and former solicitor. She qualified as a solicitor over 20 years ago in London, specialising in commercial litigation.
As a business psychologist, she was able to move from law into consultancy and has developed her expertise as an executive coach and facilitator. As an executive coach, Lindsey works in an integrative way, drawing from a wide range of work and life experiences which are underpinned by her academic studies.

Throughout her career, she has continued to study and to develop her skills and knowledge, gaining accreditation as a coach, postgraduate counselling qualifications and a number of psychometric licences, including MBTI, Hogan and OPQ. Her experience encompasses a wide range of leadership and management development work, including skills development programmes, assessment work and individual coaching.

She regularly facilitates client meetings, sometimes as part of wider change programmes such as culture change initiatives, but also as stand-alone meetings and workshops targeted at tackling specific business issues. Her firm belief in the infinite possibilities which we as humans offer is seen in the way she partners with clients to help them find and implement insightful and pragmatic solutions to a wide range of relationship and organisational challenges.

She has a clarity of thinking and insight, coupled with a supportive and flexible style which helps provide clients with the environment they need to make the changes they desire. Lindsey likes to think her humour is a key strength in her toolkit but reserves clients the right to disagree!

Jessica Wall


Executive and Educational Coach, Wellbeing specialist, Communication Trainer

Jessica specialises in Successful Communication, Mindfulness at Work and Positive Education. Building on her counselling and educational experience, she trained in London as a Cognitive Behavioural Coach with the International Society for Coaching Psychology, she is a qualified NLP master practitioner and Mary Ward Centre trained counsellor.

She works with professionals, focussing on inter-personal communications, time management, health and wellbeing, stress and career development.  Through working with a wide variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds, she is also expert in building more cohesive, cooperative and progressive relationships within groups.

Jessica has developed her savoir-faire through a genuine empathy for people and prides herself on an ability to facilitate the setting, planning for and achievement of an individual’s own goals, at the same time as eradicating life-long held negative thoughts and patterns in order to change for the long term. She helps her coachees to reach a better balance of work and personal lifestyle and by doing so, manages to empower them to become more successful, fulfilled and happier at work and at play.

Adil Sasse

adil sasse

Website design, creation and web marketing consultant

After 15 years of experience offshoring and within the ICT industry in different management positions, Adil has returned to his first love: creating digital marketing and online communication.

Adil is curious, passionate and interested in all facets of his field and is an expert in our current technological field. He designs, creates and develops websites, bringing them to life with an unrivalled dexterity; he is also able, within a short space of time, to generate a large community of followers from the social media world who quickly become ‘addicted’ to your videos and latest ‘tweets’.

In short, to create, make secure and develop your website, Adil is unique and simply brilliant!

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