Do you want a career boost?

Together we'll go on a journey which will lead you to a love of and a talent for communication!

CBCmediation is a team of executive coaches specialising in effective and positive communication, assertiveness, stress management and presentation skills: we are here to help you assert your leadership, keep calm and fair, strengthen your levels of professional collaboration and enhance teamwork through agile, confident and emotionally intelligent communication.

Our 3 areas of expertise


  • Individual executive coaching
  • Team and Boardroom coaching
  • Interpersonal communication coaching


  • Interpersonal communication
  • Difficult conversations, conflict resolution
  • Team communication


  • Use mindfulness to manage your stress
  • Boost your leadership with emotional intelligence
  • Use mindfulness to boost your performance
  • Make mindfulness a way of being and enhance all of your relationships


The team


Corinne Touze

Executive coach and communication trainer

Corinne has more than 20 years of professional experience in Morocco and internationally. These days, operating in London and Casablanca, Corinne works in collaboration with multinationals, private and public sector business in various sectors: banking and insurance, auditing and finance consultancy; energy; agrobusiness; construction….


Lindsey Brown

Executive coach and counsellor, business psychologist

Lindsey is a business psychologist, executive coach, facilitator and former solicitor. She qualified as a solicitor over 20 years ago in London, specialising in commercial litigation.


Jessica Wall

Executive and Developmental Coach

Jessica specialises in Difficult Conversations and Positive Education. Building on her counselling and educational experience, she trained in London as a Cognitive Behavioural Coach with the International Society for Coaching Psychology and as a counsellor at the Mary Ward Centre.

adil sasse

Adil Sasse

Website design, creation and web marketing consultant

After 15 years of experience offshoring and within the ICT industry in different management positions, Adil has returned to his first love: creating digital marketing and online communication....